The Full Triangle of Greatness is made up of BODY, SPIRIT and MIND.

Body– This is my lifestyle, I know for a fact that my HEALTH is WEALTH. The better I am the more things I can do. I have to help myself first before I can help others.  Since my health is wealth I’m a millionaire!
Training makes me happy so I do it as much as possible. Working out makes me feel good inside, keeps the blood flowing. I’ve been training for 33 years, so I train constantly.  I get to make my life the way I wish it to be based off the choices that I make. The energy you put out is the energy you’ll get back.

Spirit– I will never stop studying, once you stop learning you start dying. Speak good and you’ll bring positivity into your life. Think lightly of yourself, be genuine, be truthful.  Regular people can’t handle the truth. The real truth is being hidden by the evil hearted people that desire power and control. Be in control of yourself. Being truthful is what makes you a better man, a stronger man, smarter man a more successful man. It is my duty as a man to stand my ground for all that is good.

Mind– Mindset is everything; “Adversity Reveals Character.” 
I’ve got work to do, having a positive mindset gives me peace of mind. This keeps me grounded, solid and focused. If you stay active mentally and physically you won’t be captive. It’s all about balance, once you conquer yourself you become unstoppable. I achieve this via the way I train. My training builds mental toughness. Once you can conquer the hurdles in your training there is nothing that can stop you. This “indomitable will” allows me to handle the sticks n stones that are thrown at me from our current “clown world” and the brainwashed, energy vampires.
I say don’t run from it, conquer it, head on…Conquer.
Real Man Knowledge: