This whole Covid-Crap has always been more than just the virus.
I have been saying it from the beginning that it’s all about control, it is to control the brainwashed idiots that have drank the government’s kool-aid.
These stupid people, that’s right I called them stupid because they actually believe that the government cares about them.
That shows their stupidity.


The government only cares about power, they want to rule the world.
They are dictators that want to control us. We are simply cattle to them. They want us to bow down to them and not think for ourselves.
Thus this whole ridiculous mask situation..
They are trying to take away our civil liberties and freedom to enforce aka make us wear a mask. The last I checked according to the Constitution of the United States of America I have the freedom of choice.
As a free man who does not follow the government’s narrative I have the choice to think for myself. I don’t need big brother to think for me.    The bigger the government the bigger the tyranny.

I mean, people have lost their minds, I know I say that in about every post I write these days but people have stopped thinking for themselves. I see people driving in their cars, by themselves with friggin masks on!!!
What the fudge???
You’re in a car, your car…by yourself…I swear if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it!

Do not follow the worlds beliefs. Everything they do is wrong and everything they tell you is wrong.
Stop giving away control of your life, stop listening to them. Use your brain!
Look, it makes no sense for these dweebs that we the people voted in to release 1,000’s of convicted criminals but fine/arrest good, law abiding, tax paying legal citizens for simply wanting to go to work to provide for their families or take their kid to the park.

One plus one isn’t equaling two.
These people are a bunch of idiots!
They won’t take the time to figure things out for themselves, no…they assume that what the government is telling them is truth.
I was taught very young that assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. The crazy loons are running the asylum and sane people like me that haven’t drank the kool-aid are given dirty looks and told that we are selfish and not following orders.
My reply is simply, yep okay,
Your selfish!
You’re a jerk!
I don’t care about these nutters sensitive feelings, I could care less. I am my own man and I go with my gut instinct, I am not an idiot!
I actually think for myself and never listen to what the government tells me to do. I do the complete opposite, except pay my taxes of course. Certain weak governors have chosen to save the idiot, evil people and pretend to sympathize with them. I do not and will not, their life is their problem, my life is my problem.

The last I checked none of this crap the local and state government is pulling is frigging legal. None of this nonsense has been put into a law!
So legally they cannot punish a free man for not breaking a law.
A free man that owns his own private business, that he built by himself cannot be punished for wanting to open his business and work to make a living. A free man that will not allow the government to take care of him or his family.

That’s what these dictators want, they want the weak sheep to take the knee and bow.
The powers at be are trying to turn us into weak, limp wristed, puppets.
This has been coming for a while now, just look at the “Toxic masculinity” bull…the weirdo elites influence the docile weak of society via TV, Facebook, marketing and fear.
It’s all an agenda to raise a bunch of weak people so they can control them. You do this by elimination, eliminate the alpha, masculine male with a weak wimp that will obey and follow orders.

This whole hoax as I call it is an indoctrination of YOU following the orders of the government.
Do the opposite of what society tells you.
You need to nut up and stand your ground, if not you will simply be the same as the mask crew….a braindead idiot who doesn’t even know who they are anymore.

Mike The Machine Bruce