Had 2 great surprises this week when Megan Akers and Whitney Gonzales returned!
Both girls are currently training at 8am  with 4pm on the horizon at a later date.
And……Saturday Sandy Combs has made her triumphant return…..Sandy will be training at 4 and 5:30…..She has informed me that booty pops are on hold till she gets back in the groove 🙂

So good to have them back.

Don’t forget, if you have any friends that are looking for a gym I am always looking for new, good people that are associated with you.

Have an awesome day and don’t forget to share our YOUTUBE page with your friends to show them just what it is we do here.

Own the Day!

PS if you see Jessica Melton please give her a big shout of encouragement for dropping 33 POUNDS!!! and counting.